Harry Styles is dating Kimberly Stewart

Harry Styles's Ex Girlfriends

Kimberly Stewart - May 2013

The 19 year-old mucisian was spotted having a dinner date with 33 year-old Stewart along with her parents. But some sources said that the romance was just a PR stunt for ageing rockstar Rod Stewart.

Shaniece Nesbitt - March 2013

Harry was rumored to be dating this brunette beauty and just like the other women, Shaniece received vile messages from fans.

Millie Brady - February 2013

The two met on February 20th at the 2013 BRIT Awards. Styles apparently had a change of heart, he stood her up after agreeing to meet in a club on March 2nd.

Taylor Swift - Dec 2012 - Feb 2013

They say she changes her boyfriends as quickly as she releases pop hits. So after 64 days of dating Styles, she broke things off claiming he has a wandering eye. Their feud is still going with both parties dissing each other with songs and even a documentary.

Cara Delevingne - September 2012

Though they did not confirm or deny it, the pair was seen on many dates together from July to September 2012. The supermodel chose career over love and ended their romance just before he got with Taylor Swift.

Caggie Dunlop - July 2012

They were spotted out partying together in London. Harry's representative said he was not romantically involved with her.

Emily Atack - May 2012

Emily Atach is a former British Dancing on Ice star and was also Ranked number 10 in FHM’s list of the “100 Sexiext Women in the World” for 2012. Their romance that started on Twitter was short-lived. Styles even claimed he has never kissed the blonde actress.

Lily Halpern - April 2012

Lily and Harry Styles met while One Directions was on tour with US boy band Big Time Rush. Both denied they were dating.

Emma Ostilly - April 2012

Styles had been photographed kissing the blonde model in New Zealand, which made the One Direction fans envious, causing them to send her hate messages. She then deleted her twitter account.

Caroline Flack - Dec 2011 - Feb 2012

Caroline Flack is 15 years older than Harry. The two started dating in August 2011. After dating for three months, with 1D hard-core fans sending her death threats, the couple parted ways amicably just before the band’s tour in America.

Lucy Horobin - August 2011

Lucy Horobin was married when she met when Styles. He was 17 when she interviewed the band for Manchester-based station Key103. The affair led to Horobin’s divorce with her husband.

Felicity Skinner - 2010

Felicity describes herself as Styles’s first love. They met when they were both 15 before Styles got into One Direction. She said it was a long-distance relationship and that there was no real reason for their break up, they just drifted apart.

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